Cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and gently pat dry. Leave skin bare (and do not apply any additional moisturizers, serums or treatments). After 30 minutes, examine your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for any shine. After another 30 minutes, evaluate whether your skin feels parched, especially if you smile or make any other facial expressions. If your skin feels tight, your skin is likely dry. If there is noticeable shine on your nose and forehead, your skin is most likely normal/combination. If there is shine on your cheeks in addition to your forehead and nose, you most likely have oily skin. Taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right options that will balance skin resulting in a healthier, more radiant complexion.

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  • Excess oil can oftentimes leave pores congested and clogged. The happy news is that oily skin looks younger and more supple because it has more natural moisture & less prone to wrinkle.

  • Daily enzymatic exfoliation is essential to promote cell turnover and prevent sebum buildup in pores.

  • A gentle physical exfoliator (that does not use abrasives such as crushed nuts or seeds that can cause tiny tears in the dermis) is also useful for balancing the tone and texture of your skin.

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  • Daily exfoliation with gentle, non-abrasive ingredients help promote skin cell turnover without removing skin’s natural oils.

  • The best moisturizers for dry skin are those containing hyaluronic acid (often listed as sodium hyaluronate in ingredients), glycerin, and marine actives like algae, because of their ability to attract water and deliver it directly to skin cells.

  • Emollients, including squalane and camellia oil, help smooth and hydrate your skin evenly and effectively.

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  • People with normal/combination skin often experience dryness on the cheeks, making it important to find a moisturizer that is not too heavy but one substantial enough to retain moisture where needed most. 

  • Gentle, daily exfoliation is also important to keep the t-zone and cheek areas balances. Moisturizers with a gel-like texture are absorbed more quickly and less likely to cause breakouts.

  • Start with a small amount and increase as needed to avoid over-moisturizing and stressing the skin.

Face Halo is the one-stop solution to makeup removal, using warm water only. Cleanser not required! Face Halo contains HaloTech fibre strands, which are 100 times finer than a human hair. These fibres reach deep into your pores to remove trapped makeup, far better than a makeup wipe can.

I really love my face halo's, I use one every night. As the product claims you do not need to use a cleanser but I like to add a little cleanser to the pad for that extra clean feeling! 

They come in a pack of three so you can rotate them in the wash. You can choose between two shades, they have slightly different fibres, the white ones are longer and slightly softer but overall they do the same thing, I have both!

Tip: The white ones get pretty dirty if you wear makeup.


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Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil is an all-in-one refreshing oil cleanser will quickly remove all your makeup in one simple step. Your skin will be left feeling beautifully clean and soft, after every use of this nourishing oil formula.

The use of camomile for therapeutic purposes is evidenced during the times of Ancient Egypt and has most likely been used for thousands of years prior to that. Chamomile has been proven to be highly effective for soothing sensitive skin with its anti-irritant properties. It is 100% pro-skin. This wonder flower is suitable for all skin types.

I love this cleansing oil, it gently removes make-up and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised. Ideal for sensitive or dry skin.



Sounds scary right?! It's not. Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. When the skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, as the skin isn't busy fighting for hydration. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells. Like with any new skincare product, you should start slow with hyaluronic, applying it once per day to see how your skin takes to it. If you find your skin is really benefiting from the additional hydration, apply it once in the morning and once in the evening.

I love to apply this at night after using my microneedle roller so that product can really sink in. My skin feels tight and supple!

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Microdermabrasion in a bottle!!

This 100% Pure Acai Pulp Scrub is a very concentrated, vitamin-rich facial scrub formulated to deeply cleanse pores and lift away dead skin cells as it provides intense nourishment. As the name suggests it contains organic Acai Berry Fruit Extract, which is loaded with essential vitamins, including Vitamins A & C, along with minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids. Acai Berry also has anti-inflammatory properties and can even help to treat hyperpigmentation. This nutrient-dense scrub also contains organic Goji Fruit Extract, which is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and an excellent source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 & E. Together, these skin-loving superfruits work to brighten the complexion and give it a healthy, youthful glow.


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This is hands down my favourite face cream/moisturiser! It is a thick consistency but not greasy or heavy and has my face feeling supple all day. Countless reorders on this baby. Best for dry to sensitive skin.

Nellie Tier is 100% New Zealand made and owned. Formulations for our luxurious natural skincare products are founded on the age-old practices of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. We use the therapeutic properties of natural plants and their ability to heal, protect and nourish the skin.
Driven by the understanding that 60% of what goes on the skin - face, body and even hair and scalp - enters the bloodstream our entire skincare range has been developed free of any harmful chemicals including sulphates, synthetic ingredients and pre-made bases. 




The discolouration under the eye area is caused by many different things such as age, genes, sun exposure, oversleeping and undersleeping. So, what can we can try to brighten this area up?

To lighten the area - avoid sun exposure, get 8-9 hours sleep, apply almond oil and vitamin E oil every night, foods high in vitamin K like kale, turmeric eye mask 

To depuff - Apply cucumber or cold green tea bags to the eye area for 5-10 minutes.

Now we have covered what we can do naturally reduce dark circles lets talk about how to make them less visible with colour correcting! One of my favourite products is from ZAO organic cosmetics. The orange tones in this concealer/corrector #494 counteract the bluey tones you see under the eye which neutralises blue tones almost making the darkness vanish! 



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