Can you accommodate large wedding parties?
We have a team of highly trained and certified stylists so we are able to accommodate larger parties and also create a more enjoyable experience for you and your friends and family. Each artist has their own unique skillset and work with the style you want.

What brands do you use?

We use a wide range of products from many different brands. We use mostly Cruelty-free hair and makeup products and can provide a vegan kit on request. Please contact us with any questions regarding allergies in your party.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, there is a deposit of $100, and a contract to hold your wedding date. This is due when locking in your date as we will turn away other bookings and hold the date for you.

I’m a bit nervous about booking right away. Can I book my trial and give a deposit at a later date?
Due to high demand, we are unable to reserve your date without a deposit.

How far do you travel?
As far as you need! The travel fee is based on location and distance. There is a minimum of services from Friday through to Sunday.

How soon in advance should I book my hair and makeup services?
Start booking a year and a half in advance so the sooner, the better!

Will I be your only event on the day of my wedding?
Due to a high volume of clients, there may be other appointments on your wedding day. If you have booked already and paid your deposit we will be there every step of your journey including the trial run and the day of. We may have another booking to attend to but will work around your time frames and the schedule arranged prior to the day to ensure you are looked after first.

How will the Hair & Makeup Schedule go on the day of?  

You will have a set start time which will be determined by the number of services needed, the photographer's arrival time for photos and departure time.  If you have multiple people in your bridal party getting services done we ask that everyone arrive at the set start time and come prepared with clean and dry hair for styling and a fresh face for makeup.  See hair and makeup prep tips here. 

Will my hair and makeup last all night? 
Makeup application will last the full duration of your event. Not only are the eyes and skin prepared with priming products, but you will be set and finished with professional powders and sprays that seal in and help fix the makeup in place. All the products in between the prepping and sealing are chosen for their longevity and high performance in all tear/sweat and weather conditions. Touch-up products will be recommended at your trial as it is handy to have a little powder if you tend to get oily or if you perspire as well as lipstick to reapply after eating and drinking.

Hairstyles need to be treated with care especially when it comes to our signature loose styles. We use high-quality strong hold products and pins when prepping your hair, send you hair prep notes, and will provide you with some extra pins in case any stray hairs come loose.

Just being mindful when hugging, dancing, and removing the veil is best as these can disrupt the hairstyle. Of course, you can do all of these things and have fun, just be mindful as they are often a little delicate!

We look forward to working with you and if you have any other questions, of course just let me know!