If you or anyone you have been in contact with has shown any cold or flu symptoms, tested positive to COVID within the past 14 days, or have been to any exposure sites please notify me to reschedule your appointment.


  • Please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time.

  • Studio Room: Only 2 people to enter the studio at a time.


  • Please adhere to social distancing where possible.

  • Each artist will need a separate area with natural light, a PowerPoint, and space to set up equipment on. Services will be completed one person at a time in a well-ventalated area.

  • If it is expected to be a warm day having some form of cooling available would be ideal as we get very hot working in our masks!


To give you peace of mind during this uncertain time, I want to assure you the tools, products, and workstations are regularly cleaned and disinfected.​

While I have always practiced these safety precautions on a regular basis, I am being more mindful than ever before.


Here are some things myself and the team do to keep you safe:


 - Hand sanitizer is applied before and after each service and any breaks.


 - Clean brushes have been washed in antibacterial soap and water is used on every client. 

 - A brush set will be set aside for each client to avoid any cross-contamination.


 - A new, disposable mascara wand is used for each client's application.


 - All tools, from tweezers to lash curlers are disinfected before, during, and after a job. 


 - My facemask is worn throughout our appointment.

If I or a team member show any signs or symptoms of illness, I will do my best to either find a replacement from the team or reschedule your appointment. See Terms and Conditions for further info on replacement artists.


I will continue to closely monitor this developing situation and make necessary adjustments according to the government guidelines.


​These notes apply to all having Hair and OR Makeup services to ensure the trial and the wedding day run to schedule

  • All having hairstyling please wash hair the day prior, this is crucial for hairstyling to look its best. It is very difficult to style oily hair and if the hair is clean I have products to texturize the hair

  • Wash twice with shampoo, using minimal conditioner only through the ends, and rinse with cold water to enhance shine

  • If your hair tends to be dry you can apply a small amount of product such as a leave-in conditioner or product you know works well in your hair to reduce frizz only through the mid-lengths and ends

  • Apply a small amount of medium-hold mousse through hair from ends to roots when wet, focusing mostly on the roots. A good MEDIUM hold mousse would be Macgyver Manipulating mousse from Hairhouse Warehouse or if you have your own medium hold mousse that's fine too. If you would like further instruction I can send you a video of the application

  • Blow-dry your hair upsidedown for volume and make sure to part your hair where you would like it to sit on the day. If you are after a smoother hairstyle and you have frizzy-prone hair then smooth the ends with a round brush or hair straightener. There is no need to do this step if you would like your natural curls enhanced or you are having a blow wave

  • Make sure hair is clean and 100% dry on the day ready for styling. We cannot use heat tools on wet hair and do not allow extra time for drying wet hair

  • Anyone having hairstyling that has very frizzy/long/thick/curly hair please let me know as this will take extra prep instructions, more time. The same for anyone wanting to wear extensions or anyone who has semi-permanent extensions. 

  • If you would like to add volume to your down style I would recommend some clip-in extensions from Luxabelle, Medusa or Sitting Pretty.  For up styles, we may be able to add padding instead of extensions

  • Sending through a photo of your current hair and an image of a style or two you have in mind can be very helpful to achieve the best professional advice on how to prep your hair, choose the right style for your hair type and save time on the day

  • Have ready at least one reference image of hair/makeup you like ready to show me, preferably with similar hair color, length, and texture to your own or a photo of how you have had your hair styled in the past

  • Think about how you would like your hair to frame your face as this is the part you will see most. See my highlights reel named "face framing" on Instagram @vine_artistry for some face-framing examples. It is a good idea to play around with different parts and think about how much hair you might like to keep out to frame your face if you are having an upstyle. You may need to arrange a haircut to have some front layers cut in

  • Keep in mind if you are having a loose style to be very careful with your hair.  Hugging, dancing, and the weather can affect your hairstyle. Wearing a veil looks so lovely but these can also mess up the hair depending on what style you have. It is very unlikely that any hair will come loose and I will provide you with some extra pins just in case and give the bride squad some tips on how to keep an eye out on these risk factors for you

Please pass this information on to anyone having hairstyling.


        Prep for the day of your event 

  •  Gently exfoliate the night prior for glowing skin

  •  Have your eyebrows cleaned of any stray hairs *

  •  Haircut or trim and treatment for bounce and shine *

  •  Lash lift and tint *

  •  Hair extensions for added length and volume *

  •  Manicure *

  •  Drink lots of water before and on your day

  •  Try to get as much sleep as possible the night before!

       On the day of your event​

  • Ensure your hair and face is clean and free of makeup

  • Make sure to allow 1 hour per hair and per makeup of uninterrupted time for me to complete your look

        Helpful extras to bring

  •  Touch up lipstick ( or you may purchase loaded brush from me) *

  •  Transparent powder and brush if you tend to get oily skin

  •  Bra tape

  •  Cotton tips

  •  Safety Pins

  •  Scissors

  •  Lash glue (duo)

  •  Toothpicks

  •  Straws

Services marked * can be found on my services list.

If you would like to arrange a haircut or trim to have your hair in optimum condition for your event make sure to book in with your hairdresser or pair a haircut with your trial with me.