Please read all terms and Conditions prior to booking your appointment. 



A deposit/booking fee is required for any service with Vine Artistry. This is non-refundable and is required for your appointment to be confirmed and the date held. Your booking fee must be placed before we secure your date as we will turn away other bookings to reserve this time for your event. All Weddings must be paid in full before the day of the service. If cash payment is preferred, monies must be paid before services commence on the day. Any services canceled on the day are non-refundable.

Once the booking has been processed any cancellations or changes to the original booking such as a decrease of persons requiring hair/makeup after it has been confirmed will be charged the original price quoted to cover the loss of other bridal parties turned away for the same date. If someone decides they no longer want their service, another person can stand in their place.

Once your appointment has been made it means we cannot book other clients and it's very likely we have turned away other clients. Due to our high demand for bookings, we are often booked in advance.   


​In the unfortunate event that your booking is postponed/canceled due to the COVID-19 restrictions where no other weddings will be allowed to proceed and we may not work due to Covid circumstances, a partial refund can be made.

Should your event be rescheduled to a new date where we are available and we have had no other inquiries for your original date booked we can arrange a partial refund.

Should your booking be moved to a date where we are unavailable, your deposit/booking fee will be forfeited.

This booking fee goes towards the administration involved in reserving your date, coordinating your day, and the running of this small business. We do hope to be able to accommodate your new date.


In the very unfortunate event where we are unable to attend the booking due to covid isolation or illness we will do our best to find a replacment artist of a similar style. We have taken this situation into careful consideration and have an organised group of 25 backup hair and makeup artists who are willing to cover any dates needed where possible. The rate per service will remain the same, travel costs may be more if the replacement artist is travelling a further distance to your location. 


Hair and makeup trials are recommended to make sure your hair and makeup will suit and hold the style chosen for your big day. We will do as much styling as we can in trial sessions, 60 minutes for makeup, 60 minutes for hairstyling. In the case you would like to trial additional styles after the first 60 minutes, trial time will be charged at $40 per 30 minutes. A second trial can be booked subject to availability, the same charges as your first trial will apply. Trials are not compulsory but are recommended, without a trial we will not accept any responsibility if a chosen style or look does not work on a wedding day or there are circumstances where there is a mismatch in styles, approach, or expectations. 7 days prior notice must be given if you wish to cancel or reschedule your trial date. In the likely event that we have turned away alternative bookings to accommodate your trial, you will be charged. We reserve the right to cancel a booking following a trial, without a refund of the deposit, in circumstances where there is a mismatch in approach, expectations, and/or the client is uncooperative, not open to suggestions or makes any member of our team feel uncomfortable. It is advisable that you familiarise yourself with our work portfolio and ensure you are confident our capabilities and style are appropriate before securing a booking. It is very unlikely we are available to arrange trials on Saturdays due to wedding jobs.  If you or any members of your household have ANY symptoms of Covid-19, please inform me at the earliest opportunity. You MUST rearrange your appointment. Temperatures will be taken on arrival to ensure there is no fever, a symptom of the virus. This is a small business, running through this difficult time so please be mindful of this as we come into very close proximity of you and others in this line of work.  Vine Artistry will not be offering any mobile appointments other than the wedding bookings, where we will travel to the wedding venue as normal. Any trials or occasion bookings will be carried out at the home studio based in Reservoir. This allows me to maintain the studio's hygiene levels, track visitors and keep my kit as sterile as possible. 


Estimated costs are an approximation and are not guaranteed. The estimate is based on information provided by the client regarding booking requirements. Prices are subject to change, the actual cost may differ once all booking elements are finalized or negotiated. A final quote will be sent once these elements are finalized and confirmed. Prior to any changes in cost, the client will be notified. Estimate valid for 30 days.



Vine Artistry accepts bank transfers or cash payments.

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Once your booking fee has been paid your time and date are secured. Note we are unable to hold a date or time without a booking fee. The booking fee amount will be taken off the total.


Vine Artistry delegates timings for each person which is emailed when bookings are confirmed. Please note: If with no fault of Rhea or her team, run behind the scheduled time, there are additional overtime charges of $30 per half hour. 

Early fee - start times earlier than 7am incur a fee starting from $50

Wet hair fee will be assessed to anyone who arrives at their stylist on the wedding day with wet hair. This will throw off the timeline also, due to extra time blowing out the hair $20 - $40

Lashes are $10 - $15

Hair padding if needed to use for a hairstyle - from $10

Clip-in hair extensions or hairpiece installation - from $40

Face framing haircut - From $50

Hair extension blending - From $40

Touch-up services (before photos or after the ceremony) $50 per half hr

These additional charges will need to be settled on the day so please have cash ready.

Please note that hair and makeup services are charged per service not per hour. If the artist has completed all hair/makeups they will be moving on to the next booking.


Travel is charged at $30 per 30 minutes from the artist's location.

Parking for the artist is to be arranged by you. If car parking is restricted, it is your responsibility to arrange parking and cover the cost of any car parking fees or fines. These additional charges if required will need to be settled on the day so please have cash ready.


You must notify us prior to your service/as soon as possible if you or anyone having hair/makeup under your booking are feeling unwell/sick or contagious leading up to or on the day of your event or trial. This may include signs of cold, flu, measles, mumps, chickenpox, shingles, nits, open cuts/sores, conjunctivitis, cold sores, or allergies. If upon arrival you or anyone having hair/makeup services is unwell we will not be able to complete their service. Refunds can be made with a Dr Certificate. 



A designated area to set up is needed, including a medium table and natural lighting. Please let us know if this cannot be provided.

If you choose not to have a trial, we will not be held liable if you are not satisfied with the service of the day, or after. 

In the unlikely event, Rhea or team members are unable to attend we will help to provide you with another artist of a similar standard to stand in place. 

Hair must be clean and 100% dry on the day of your event to ensure all runs to schedule. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these important terms and conditions. If you have any questions please let me know. 


A booking fee is required to secure all bookings.

By paying the booking fee, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.


Thank you for booking with Rhea Vine Hair and Makeup Artistry. We look forward to meeting you soon!

If you or anyone you have been in contact with has shown any cold or flu symptoms, tested positive to COVID within the past 14 days, or have been to any exposure sites please notify me to reschedule your appointment.


On arrival for your trial at Vine Artistry Studio:

  • Please wear your mask as you enter the premises and during the appointment where possible.

  • Temperature checks will be taken of all clients with a touchless thermometer.

  • QR CODE will need to be scanned and sign-in completed before services begin, the QR code will be ready for you to scan with your phone.

  • Please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time.

  • Studio Room: Only 1 Client to enter the studio at a time.


On my arrival for your booking at your location:

  • Please wear your masks as we arrive and for the duration of the appointment where possible.

  • Temperature checks will be taken of all clients with a touchless thermometer. Please ask everyone to check their own temperature prior to the appointment to avoid any surprises as we can not perform services on anyone with a temperature.

  • QR CODE will need to be scanned and sign-in completed before services begin, the QR code will be ready for you to scan with your phone.

  • Social Distancing to be adhered to where possible. Each artist will need a separate area with good natural light, a PowerPoint, and space to set up equipment on. Services will be completed one person at a time in a separate area/room away from the rest of the bridal party.


To give you peace of mind during this uncertain time, I wanted to assure you the tools, products, and workstations are regularly cleaned and disinfected.​

While I have always practiced these safety precautions on a regular basis, I am being more mindful than ever before.


Here are some things myself and the team do to keep you safe:


 - Hand sanitizer is applied before and after each service and any breaks.


 - Clean brushes have been washed in antibacterial soap and water is used on every client. 

 - A brush set will be set aside for each client to avoid any cross-contamination.


 - Sanitising products and workspace by spraying with alcohol to disinfect between each client.


 - A new, disposable mascara wand is used for each client's application.


 - All tools, from tweezers to lash curlers are disinfected before, during, and after a job. 


 - My facemask is worn throughout our appointment.

In addition to these everyday steps, I am also being extra diligent to ensure that if I or a team member show any signs or symptoms of the Covid illness, I will do my best to either find a replacement from the team or reschedule your appointment. See Terms and Conditions for further info on replacement artists.


I will continue to closely monitor this developing situation and make necessary adjustments according to the government guidelines.